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16 Mar 2019

Flanders BJJ Cup 2019

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11 Nov - 01 Jan 00:00
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Deadline 24 Feb 23:59
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Дата 12 Mar 23:59


10th International Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Belgium. IBJJF rules (Gi).


> Customer service: [email protected] <

To guarantee the quality of the brackets and academy points, there's a list of registered academies.

To register please verify that your account is added to a registered academy. You can join an academy on the academy's page (approval by an academy manager could be required).

If your academy is not in the list of registered academies yet, you can ask an academy manager to register the academy free of charge on our federation platform in order to register for our events.


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EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION until 31/12/2018, 24h00: 25 EUR

REGULAR REGISTRATION from 1/1/2019 until 24/2/2019, 24h00: 30 EUR

LATE REGISTRATION from 25/2/2019 until 12/3/2019, 24h00: 35 EUR

* FREE entry for spectators! *

Exclusive Flanders BJJ Cup 2019 Tournament T-Shirts will be available to order on the registration page until 24 February 2019, 24h00.

** Exclusive medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. **

*** Flanders BJJ Cup Trophy and € 1000 CASH PRIZES for best academies! ***

500 EUR – 1st place academies

300 EUR – 2nd place academies

200 EUR – 3rd place academies

Important message about the academies: the academies of the registrations must be EXACTLY the same to add the academy points and to avoid a match between team mates in the 1st round of a bracket. You can change your academy by logging into your account. IMPORTANT: ONLY the 'Academy' field in the registration form will be taken into account for the prize for 'best academy'. The Affiliaton/Team field will NOT be taken into account.

Categories (athlete with gi on; zero tolerance at weigh-in)

Men (adults only): White, Blue, Elite

-64 kg (Light feather)

-70 kg (Feather)

-76 kg (Light)

-82,3 kg (Middle)

-88,3 kg (Medium heavy)

-94,3 kg (Heavy)

+94,3 kg (Super & Ultra heavy)

Women (adults only): White, Blue & up

-58,5 kg (Feather)

-64 kg (Light)

+64 kg (Middle)

Open classes: only for the medal winners of Men Blue, Men Elite and Women Blue & up.


Sporthal 'de Rijdt' »
Jagersstraat 64A, B-9660 Brakel, BELGIUM
Часовой пояс: Europe/Brussels


  • Men 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Women 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Exclusive Flanders BJJ Cup 2019 Tournament T-shirt (MEN) 5 EUR
    Pick up of your T-shirt at the tournament only.
  • Exclusive Flanders BJJ Cup 2019 Tournament T-shirt (WOMEN) 5 EUR
    Pick up of your T-shirt at the tournament only.
  • Open Class Men Elite 0 EUR
  • Open Class Men Blue 0 EUR
  • Open Class Women Blue & up 0 EUR