Early bird registrations
14 Oct - 14 Nov 00:00
Normal registration
Deadline 14 Dec 23:59
Late registrations
Deadline 07 Mar 23:59


2020 BELGISCH KAMPIOENSCHAP BJJ en Grappling / CHAMPIONNAT DE BELGIQUE JJB et Grappling //Morning BJJ Adult. Afternoon Grappling Adult

Doors: 8:00 - Start: 9:00.

Free entrance for spectators. Tour & Taxis event parking (Avenue du Port 86C) rate: €6/day (Bancontact).

the Schedule is only an indication - please be on time!!! (at least 1 hour before the indicated time) - after the 3rd call the missing athlete will be disqualified.

Belgian national REGISTRATION number required to participate!


> Customer service: [email protected] <

To register please verify that your account is added to a registered academy. You can join an academy on the academy's page (approval by an academy manager could be required).

If your academy is not in the list of registered academies yet, you can ask an academy manager to register the academy free of charge on our federation platform in order to register for our events.


- Early Bird until 15/9/2019 23:59: €15 (Kids & Youth) / €20 (Adults)

- Normal until 9/11/2019 23:59: €20 (Kids & Youth) / €25 (Adults)

- Late fee until 25/11/2019 23:59: €25 (Kids & Youth) / €30 (Adults)

NO refunds.


Last chance to edit: 23/11/2020 23:59.

After the registration check day, NO changes will be made and NO refunds will be given. During the tournament, any mistakes on the brackets will lead to immediate disqualification.

CATEGORIES (athlete WITH gi on; zero tolerance at weigh-in just before your first fight)

Men (16+, adults only): White, Blue, Elite

-64 kg (Light feather)

-70 kg (Feather)

-76 kg (Light)

-82,3 kg (Middle)

-88,3 kg (Medium heavy)

-94,3 kg (Heavy)

+94,3 kg (Super & Ultra heavy)

Women (16+, adults only): White, Blue & up

-58,5 kg (Feather)

-64 kg (Light)

+64 kg (Middle)


IBJJF rules are applied, with following modifications:

- youth (13-15 years old): NO submission techniques stretching legs apart, NO choke with spinal lock, NO straight foot lock, NO Ezequiel choke, NO frontal guillotine choke, NO triangle (pulling head).

- adults women blue & up: the lower belt rules are applied.

- adults men elite (purple & up): the lower belt rules are applied.

(*) Open classes: only for the first three classified athletes of each weight category. Athletes must register in Open Class within 15 minutes after receiving their medal awards.

Fight times:

youth 13-15: 4 minutes

adults white belts: 5 minutes

adults men blue belts: 6 minutes

adults women blue & up: 6 minutes

adults men elite (purple & up): 7 minutes


Tour&Taxis »
Avenue du Port 86C
Timezone: Europe/Brussels


  • Adult Men 25 EUR
    15 years and above
  • Adult Women 25 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Men Grappling 25 EUR
    15 years and above
  • Women Grappling 25 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Belgium Championship 2020 Coaching Permit 5 EUR
    A Coaching Permit is required for an individual who will direct, supervise or coach an athlete on Belgium Championship